Skempi is a Caribbean music platform that gives people worldwide access to the best music from independent Caribbean artists. With Skempi we are revolutionizing the way people discover & stream music by bringing them unique content from undiscovered artists onto a big network. Skempi provides over 100 different musical genres and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Skempi was founded by music fanatics Gino Jacobs and Boudino de Jong in the Netherlands. They now reside on the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean where the headquarters of Skempi are also located. 

No, we accept Caribbean style music from artists anywhere in the world regardless of where you live. We are proud to see artists around the world creating Caribbean music and adding to the culture.

Publishing your music on Skempi is completely free. We have optional promotional services to give artists more exposure for a small fee (see more here). Keep in mind that 100% of this will go to 3rd party advertising fees such as promotional Facebook posts, it is merely a way to promote you as an artist on our page.

Currently artists do not receive payment for placing their music on Skempi. We do however add value by helping you as an artist get discovered internationally. We make our mission to help each independent artist all the way from uploading their music to promoting them online and at events. For the future we are planning a royalty structure but it has not yet been launched.

The landscape of music has radically changed over the past few years as sales of compact discs have dramatically declined, causing the majority of revenue for the industry to evaporate. Independent artists struggle the most to be noticed in today’s digital world as they do not have the budget or resources to compete with artists that have a record label. This is why Skempi was created, to help independent Caribbean artists, such as yourself, to be discovered by music lovers across the world.

Sure, there may be other music platforms out there which cater to independent artists, but Skempi’s focus is on Caribbean music. We not only want to provide island jams to the people, but we want to present the Caribbean culture around the world and introduce people to genres of music they have never previously heard of. It is with Skempi that we are starting the Caribbean Movement worldwide.

We make Skempi free to listeners because we want everyone to be able to discover and enjoy Caribbean music, but in order to sustain our business we make money with ads on the streaming service. In addition we will soon release a paid subscription for users who will have additional features available to them, such as ad-free listening. 

Yes, we work with a legal team to ensure that our platform is 100% legal. From the beginning we have been working towards combating piracy issues as many artists have been suffering from this in the past decade, and Caribbean artists have been most affected by this as there is no music copyright laws enforced in most of the Caribbean. 

We have a simple licensing agreement where you as the artist give us signed permission to put your music on Skempi. This is important because we also showcase your music on channels such as YouTube, and these third parties require us to have signed permission to be able to upload your music.

Yes, the contract with Skempi is non-exclusive so you are welcome to work with other services. We want you to do what is best for your career, and we at Skempi support you 100%.

When you send you music our content team must first review it before making it public. This involves, but is not limited to, checking the music for genuineness and infringement of copyright. This process takes about one week.

If you would like to report a song you may email It will then be reviewed by the Skempi team for any copyright infringement issues) and removed if necessary.

While people are browsing through their favorite music tracks, why not let your company make an appearance?  We’ll make sure you’re seen on the revolutionary global music service, Skempi. We have extended features to reach the audiences that matter the most to your brand contact us to get started today!